These Daring Cliff Divers Take Adventure Travel To New Heights

Author: Carla Herreria. August 4, 2015. Source:

There are two types of travelers: those who’d prefer to get their feet muddy and jump off fearsomely high things, and those who don’t.

The Shibby Stylee Bomb Squad is absolutely the former. The group — which we should obviously mention consists of a group of cliff-diving enthusiasts — scours the islands of Hawaii in search of the next best waterside cliff (or any surface, really) from which they can leap.

After they spiral and plunge into various blue abysses, they post videos of their adventures, like the one above, to their YouTube channel. Our hearts race just watching.

This summer, the squad went to the lush island of Maui and jumped off of everything from towering oceanfront lava rocks, to tree vines, zip lines and, of course, waterfalls. One diver even took a plunge wearing a mermaid tail.

Cliff diving is fairly popular in Hawaii, especially near waterfalls. But it can be extremely dangerous, and authorities sometimes stop the group’s activities because of safety risks. We’d hasten to add that such risks should be taken only by experienced cliff divers, and even they should probably think twice — especially when it’s so much safer just to watch the video.

“We try hard to be as safe as possible,”Agcaoili previously told HuffPost, after a trip to Hawaii’s Big Island. “It’s a risk everyone’s willing to take.”

If that risk feels too high, feel free to live vicariously through the Shibby Stylee Bomb Squad’s video and photos.